Orchids, All Over the World

Over 30,000 species of orchids inhabit every corner of the planet except for the driest deserts and Antarctica. Humans have crossbred these species to create 140,000 hybrids,with more appearing all the time. Read more...

Orchids are Ancient Plants

Evidence of orchids appears from the age of the dinosaurs, 120 million years ago, making them some of the first flowering plants. Orchids are one of the largest and oldest families of plants in the world. Read more...

Thai Orchid of thailand

Orchid tree is a popular cut flowers. Orchids can be grown easily If you want to bloom beautifully. And be pampered in a closely monitored.Orchids can be grown easily If you want to bloom beautifully. Read more...


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Welcome to the World of Orchids!

Orchids have a magical beauty and allure, with incredible colors, shapes, and scents.Maybe this contributes to the belief that they are difficult to grow and bloom. In reality, most orchids are not difficult plants. As a matter of fact, some are practically indestructible. With a few basic tips for orchid care, you can make your orchid grow, thrive, and bloom.

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